CAMSO  Peak 2.5 15″ x 163″ x 2.50″ TRACK #9231M

CAMSO Peak 2.5 15″ x 163″ x 2.50″ TRACK #9231M

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Condition: New
The Peak 2.5 performs across a wide variety of snow conditions with 2.5″ angular lugs.  The Peak 2.5 funnels snow under your snowmobile for extra traction and outstanding flotation

15″ x 163″ x 2.50″ lug height

2.86″ Pitch

Fully Clipped

Center Ported

Single-Ply Mountain Technology

The vertical challenge requires superior traction to handle the sharp slopes and bottomless powder of high country riding.  Take your mountain sled to new heights with a Camso tall lug track.

Angular lugs bite big and funnel snow under your machine for outstanding flotation
2.5 inch lug height for traction in bottomless powder and high peak climbing
Rigid lug support columns are optimized for soft and hard-packed snow
Outer lug bars deliver better lateral control for improved handling